Yangyi Shi

Color Scientist, Vision Scientist, Computer Scientist, PhD Candidate.

I am currently a fourth-year graduate student in Vision Lab at Northeastern Univeristy

I did my undergraduate in Computer Science at Chongqing University, China. I had a lot of fun taking classes in algorithms and data structure. The knowledge and experience I gained in those classes have always led me to find more efficient solutions to problems. Additionally, I have taken many other computer science classes -- such as computer systems, computer networks and computer graphics. Those classes have given me a solid theoretical understanding of computer science. I have also gained a familiarity with many programming languages and frameworks through working on different hands-on programming projects. Specifically, I have expertise in languages like Python, C++, MATLAB, and R.

After I graduated, I became interested in vision science and have been doing psychophysics research for five years. I first joined Prof. Robert Sekuler's lab at Brandeis University, where I got my master's degree. Then I came to Prof. Rhea Eskew's lab at Northeastern University. Right now I am a Ph.D. candidate and working on my thesis projects. My current research is related to color vision. I am interested in suprathreshold perceptual scaling and pedestal discrimination of different color directions, especially how to model them in cone contrast space.

I enjoy applying my CS skills in solving experimental design and data analysis efficiency problems. Besides psychophysics, I am also familiar with different color spaces, and monitor calibration.